Hardscape Design & Hardscape Installation – Oakton

A full-service landscaping company led by a certified arborist, Jed Goehring is the complete solution for all your landscaping needs—including hardscaping. Our landscape architects will work closely with you to design and install a custom hardscape that completes your garden and reflects your unique needs and taste. We have experience designing and building hardscapes of every size, material and type, including large-scale and commercial landscape installations.

With decades of experience providing landscape design and hardscape construction services throughout Northern Virginia including walkways, ponds, garden bridges, patios, outdoor kitchens and stonewalls, we have emerged as one of the most trusted landscaping companies in Oakton. Our expert craftsmanship shows in our masonry and construction.

Our design is also exceptional. The landscape architects work closely with you to design and build a space that is private and beautiful. They know exactly where to place a carefully selected landscape rock, and exactly how to lay landscaping stones to create an ambiance you’ll love. Most importantly, our work lasts.

Smart Hardscapes that Last and Look Good

Landscaping companies that design and build hardscapes need to know what they’re doing. A poorly constructed hardscape can lead to serious problems for the homeowner. For example, when installing pavers and stonework in walkways, storm water runoff must be considered. Where the walkway and adjoining stonewalls meet forms a channel; if not installed correctly the work will wear away quickly.

At Jed L. Goehring, Inc. we know the importance of detail-oriented construction. Our masonry work is excellent. We carefully study the terrain on which we work and create a design that follows the natural grade and contours of your yard. Ponds, garden bridges, outdoor kitchens and patios also must be thoroughly planned to ensure safe, long-lasting construction.

When we build retaining walls, we often recommend using Shenandoah stone. Shenandoah walls are built as stack-stone walls, which are both durable and beautiful. In addition to using Shenandoah stone for walls, we have significant experience with brick, wood and timber. Timber walls, while beautiful, are less durable than block walls, but if they are protected well as part of an overall landscape design, they will last for years. Your landscape contractor must understand the junction between hardscape construction and landscape design. With Jed L. Goehring, Inc., you can rest assured.