Waterscape Design & Water Features Construction – Alexandria

Our waterscape design and construction services in Northern Virginia will expertly add almost any aquatic feature to your garden. Our professional aquascape team will carefully consider your dream waterscape and create an aquatic watergarden design featuring whatever elements you choose—ponds, fountains, backyard waterfalls, and more!

Led by Jed Goehring, a certified arborist and landscape designer with abundant experience in designing and building watergardens. His creative eye and expert understanding makes him stand out as an aquascape landscaper, as evidenced in the beautiful aquascapes his team has designed and installed in select areas in Northern VA and Fairfax County, including Alexandria. We will transform your garden into a haven with fluid beauty, whether you require a new aquascape design or improvement on existing water features.

Water Features to Compliment Any Landscape

What it comes to watergarden design and construction, you need to engage professionals. A pond design must include careful examination of the landscape, and different rules apply to different types of pond construction. Whether you want a lily pond or a Koi pond, Jed L. Goehring, Inc. has the knowledge to design and build it well.

Movement is a beautiful addition to any landscape, and our professional aquascape landscapers will help integrate running water into your garden. Depending on the size of your property and your personal tastes, we will create an aquascape design that includes water features such as pondless waterfalls, fountains, backyard waterfalls, or a combination of all of the above. When you are satisfied with the proposed watergarden design, we will construct or reconstruct your landscape to beautifully and safely incorporate all the elements.

Garden bridges are always a source of pleasure for their owners, and if you have been thinking of having one in your garden to compliment an existing or proposed water feature, we are happy to help. Our hardscaping experts will design and construct beautiful garden bridges, whether you want a small bridge overlooking a koi pond, or a larger one spanning a lily pond. We offer a range of other hardscaping services as well.