Tree Diagnostic, Disease Management, Tree Treatment and Tree Surgery from our Certified Arborist

Tree diagnostics and tree treatment is an art and science necessary for tree and shrub care. As a certified arborist, Jed knows about tree diseases and treatment for trees, shrubs and ornamentals.

Do you have a sick tree? Have you noticed wilting leaves? Mold or mildew? Any abnormalities in tree appearance? Tree disease and ornamental disease are frequent causes for an otherwise beautiful landscape to deteriorate, and they can cause safety hazards, as dead tree limbs are more likely to fall than healthy ones. Tree disease, if left untreated, can also spread to neighboring trees. Luckily, our tree doctors knows all about tree diagnosis, disease management, treatment for trees and shrubs, and offers all the tree care services required to restore tree health.

Trees get sick for many reasons, and our certified tree arborists knows all about tree diseases. Some common causes of tree diseases in Northern VA include excess wet or otherwise unusual weather, rot and fungus. Tree treatment varies based on the type of tree, degree of tree disease and the homeowners needs, but most tree diseases can be treated or managed in an economic and efficient way.

However, sometimes a sick tree requires more than a tree doctor—it needs a tree surgeon. Tree surgery is a delicate process requiring expert care. Tree surgery requires the “surgeon” to be smart, trained and physically fit. He or she must be able to climb tree and work with powerful equipment to trim and prune in exactly the right way. Carefully implemented by a certified tree arborist, Jed L. Goehring, Inc. has a track record in successful tree operations that restore tree health.

Insect Control and Tree Health

In addition to tree disease, pests and tree bugs can also lead to a sick tree. Insect control and proper tree pest care are imperative to maintaining tree health. In Northern VA, tree bugs can wreak havoc on trees, shrubs and ornamentals. They come in the forms of worms, caterpillars, moths, borers, beetles, weevils and adelgids, among others. Tree bugs damage tree health by boring or tunneling, chewing or suckling. Our tree services include diagnostics to determine which pest is causing the problem, and careful tree bug help and tree care to restore tree health. There’s no bug our tree arborists haven’t seen!

Tree Diagnostics for Tree Disease and Tree Bugs

The tree diagnostic process begins with a thorough examination of your landscape’s trees, shrubs and plants by our certified arborists. Site conditions that affect tree health will be noted, and the tree disease or pest causing the problem will be identified. We will then offer effective, economical, and environmentally sound solutions to tree disease treatment and disease management. Some treatments may include putting a protection on the leaves that prevents the spread of spores that cause tree diseases. To control tree bugs, our tree experts will likely recommend a mixture of tree trimming, tree pruning, watering, mulching, fertilization, insecticide and/or tree sprays. Whatever the method, we identify and implement disease treatment and disease management services to preserve the beauty and value of your landscape, and to ensure the health of your trees, shrubs and ornamentals.

Tree Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Our certified arborists strongly believe proper tree and shrub care can drastically reduce the chance of tree disease or tree bugs. We can inspect your trees, shrubs and ornamentals to prevent problems and promote strong tree health. Some tree and shrub care services our tree experts are likely to recommend include trimming, pruning, and — when necessary — tree removal.

To restore and ensure your trees’ health, call today for a free estimate!