Tree removal is sometimes necessary to preserving the beauty and safety of a home. When a tree is dying, damaged or dead, it should be immediately inspected by an arborist to determine if treatment is possible. Jed L. Goehring, Inc., led by a certified arborist, is one of the most qualified tree removal companies in VA. In addition to the many tree care services we offer, our tree removal services have helped many homeowners in Northern VA and Fairfax County, including in Arlington, Great Falls, Falls Church, McLean, Oakton, Vienna and elsewhere.

Removing trees is a last resort. We strive for tree preservation, leveraging our tree experts and certified arborists to diagnose dying trees, offer tree treatment and tree care options, use tree trimming and tree pruning, and seek additional tactics to restore tree health. However, if a dying, damaged or dead tree becomes a liability, tree removal is required. Tree removal is also necessary if the tree is threatening the tree health of surrounding trees, or if it is blocking future construction.

Tree removal services depend on a variety of factors, including the size and location of the tree. Our tree experts will assess the situation and choose the safest and most efficient option for removing the tree.

Tree Removal and Tree Removal – Northern Virginia

Tree removal includes cutting down the entire tree and, depending on the situation, removing the stump as well. Stump removal is highly recommended, as stumps themselves can become a nuisance over time. Stump removal is also a complicated and specialized job required the services of a tree removal company. Our certified arborists and tree experts have the skills and experience required to safely, efficiently and cleanly remove stumps. We will work with you to determine if stump removal is necessary, and to incorporate stump removal in our tree removal services.

If you require tree removal services, emergency tree removal services, or stump removal throughout Northern Virginia,  please call either our Arlington or McLean office or fill out our contact form.